Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moments and Memories

I sometimes forget that I am more than this moment. I was reading a few blogs from other people - listening to their stories - and all of a sudden remembered parts of my own story. Maybe that's part of connecting with others - it brings out different aspects of ourselves.

I have a really, really bad memory. I'm not sure why. But because of that, I really, really live in the moment. I know that's what "others" say we should be doing - but it seems to me that all those experiences that brought us to this moment is what makes this moment what it is. I think it's important to remember that... not dwell on it... but honour it. However, it's hard to do that when you don't remember those previous moments. Maybe that was why I was so touched reading about another's journey - it connected to mine and helped me remember a different time of my life. While my conscious mind does not seem to hold onto memories - I think my heart does. I sometimes feel an overwhelming sense of connectedness to the universe... and that has to be because my heart holds my memories.

When I create - I just sit and respond to whatever I'm feeling at the moment. Some people have images in their minds eye - I don't. Anything I create is a direct response to what I'm feeling at that moment. And what one feels at any moment is the culmination of all the moments before it so I think creating (for me) is an expression of my memories through my feelings.

This feels like a contemplative moment - maybe even a creative one! Let's see what it brings.


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